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Friday, June 15, 2012

Lucky Seven.

Dear Sweet E, 

I remember the day we met face-to-face like it were right here and now.
The day you did not want to leave your warm and cozy home.
The moment we heard the word "boy."
The awe when we looked at your big chunky tan body, bright light eyes, 
and the tufts and tufts of blondish wavy hair.

Where did this surfer dude come from?

Had I not actually done the pushing that culminated in seeing
you, our little miracle, I may have wondered.

You stole my heart.
You gave me a life changed forever.
You made me a mom.

The amount of love was and is just insane,
a crazy do absolutely anything for you, unconditional love.

While we were a family before and we loved our life together,
we now really felt like a family the day we held you.

You captivated us and we did things for you we never thought we would do.
Never thought we were capable of doing.
It's the same seven years later.

You have a heart of gold and incredible curiosity and love for life.
You can be intense and want things fair and just.
You are bright and confident.
You feel and love deeply.

You are beautiful, unique, and just perfect the way God made you.

Ethan Matthew, my sweet first born, keep radiating, keep loving, keep living,
guard your spirit for life fiercely.  God has given you this beautiful gift.

While it's bittersweet to see you grow older, it is really cool 
sharing jokes with you, talking about what you enjoy, 
and seeing the amazing little man you are becoming.  
All that you now are capable of.
The fun that you have just being you. 

Keep rockin' E.  
Like you have from the beginning.  

Enjoy this most amazing day about you.  
You so deserve it.  

We love you so.
Happy {Lucky Seventh} Birthday.
It's going to be an incredible year!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Special Friend!!! 7 is going to be a rockin' year!

  2. Happy Birthday E! You're an amazing big brother!

  3. happy 7th!!! have a lovely time celebrating!

  4. Great pictures Happy Birthday Belated Birthday E!


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