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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bond

Yesterday was a tough one, Matt was working late, the boys were cranky pies because
of allergies, sickness, I'm not quite sure yet, but they had a rough day and so did mama.

We ate pizza outside and strawberries and I was okay with a dinner they loved.
We read some stories outside {one of our favorite summer activities}, 
and I gave them some time to run around before baths.

That time turned into the most magical precious time.

They used their immense imaginations and played continuously, all five, for at least a half hour.
It really was the first time {for all five} there was a stretch of peace...
that was not a direct result of the iPAD or movie... 
no injuries or fighting, no screaming or crying, just pure happiness.

I am thrilled for once I took some video of the moment, 
and well it was the first treasured memory of our summer.

Off they ran around the backyard turning things into airports and taxicabs,
visiting soccer stadiums and catching a parrot in Brazil,
traveling to Disneyworld and watching fireworks,
seriously with big-brother leading the way, they ran and ran
and played.  Everyone contributed something to their ideas
and conversations.  

Ethan said this is the first time I have been able to get all of my brothers and 
me to have FUN at the same time.

It's true.  He has waited a long time for them to all be able to play along with him.
My heart seriously let go of the day's struggles, guilt, and ugly parts.
I felt like the Grinch turning into the Glenda the Good Witch {smile}.

God, I love my boys.

Today Liam, forgetting Ethan was at school, started looking for him to play again.
Soon, Li-Li-Boo, soon, you'll have all summer together.

I know it won't always be rainbows, popsicles and unicorns, 
but last night it was and it rocked!!

Don't you just love those little rays of sunshine,
those moments of bliss that make it all worthwhile 
and everything comes together?  

Thanking God for knowing, I needed that right then and there.



  1. wonderful!! it is always fun and heart-warming to see siblings playing nicely with each other for more than a minute :)

    hooray for almost summer!

  2. what a gift! such a sweet moment! thanks for sharing. ps: im glad to see you posting more and more! :)

  3. Awww. on eof my sons is named Liam and we call him Li-Li or Li too. :)


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