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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Detour

Wow friends, I have really missed writing, and I apologize for the little detour

Sometimes life goes off the planned path and well, what I have missed
more is writing about my family and keeping up with all of you {truly}!
I have missed cataloging some of our moments here.
I have done a couple series back to back, and 
I do have more to share on the playroom front, don't you worry {smile}.

I don't know, I have these times when things get tough, rough, and raw,
that I really can't write about things that at that time seem frivolous.

Being organized, setting a rhythm, having an intentional space is not frivolous,
but when one of your little guys doesn't want to lift his head for a few days,
well at that time it doesn't matter at all.
I know you get this.

I keep mentioning the sun too, it was nearly sixty degrees here today...
wait for March...yes!!
Everyone's mood shifts and the excitement of Spring is nearing.
The days are growing longer, and we just do better when we can get outside!


We have had a few little victories here,
the big one being the boys all getting back to themselves,
still nebulizer treatments, and E came home with a red, runny nose {sigh}
but we are taking one day at a time!

Today I got to show off my should-have-been-a-lawyer skills,
with a hospital ER director.  To sum the whole sad thing up, I had taken 
Liam to an ER further from us as it is associated with one of the Children's Hospitals in the city and our pediatrician is on staff there, but was pretty much given the whole
overprotective mom who doesn't know much spiel.  I knew my child did not have croup, but he wanted to sell it to me that day, meanwhile the nurse kept hacking all over the both of us.
I drove from there to the ped who was open by then, and took the time to make a diagnosis, understand what the RSV diagnosis meant for our home with 4 two-year-olds who had been born seven weeks early, etc.  So yes, back to it, the director finally called today and miraculously the boys were quiet.  I let him know after a good back and forth that ultimately a non-productive visit to the ER costing me hundreds of dollars helps me in no way, absolutely none and being walked out on by a doctor who didn't want to listen, inexcusable.
I think I wore him down because someone from billing will be calling us tomorrow {yes!}
More importantly, the doctor will be talked to, and hopefully moms, dads, and caregivers will be listened to better, that's really what matters.

On top of that, whoa,  yes big day, I took the boys to Target alone.  No stroller.
It was crazy windy today, but I brought them in in 2 carts and transferred to a cart with the kid seats in front, so two there and two in the actual cart.  Don't judge it's the only way feasible {grin}.  They were really good, and I know not to expect it in the future,
but yes we did it!  So proud of them!!  The key was only going in for a short list and
making it completely arbitrary, we didn't have to go in if the meltdowns were already happening in the car.

Wow, oversharing tonight, so that's what you get!
I am starting Body Revolution {Jillian Michaels} and tomorrow will be Day 3.
I hesitated to write it because I don't know what will happen in these next 90 days,
but right now I am waking up and working out and while I am completely exhausted right now and apologizing now for this not so colorful blogpost {first week is twice daily workouts} and hungry {adjusted mealplan first week too},
I am proud of myself.  I haven't been taking good care of myself lately and 
I need to, so cheers to sticking with it!!  It's amazing the time there is when you give up Facebook for Lent!

Finally, if I haven't filled my blog-post-word-quota.  I have to leave you with
some really sweet moments of this week so far...

Rollerskating with Ethan at a rink for the first time
{the last time I did that I believe Reagan was President!}

Griffin not wanting to take off an Easter dress shirt I tried on because it was his 
doctors coat, he napped with it over his shirt.
{dedication to the profession already!}

Ethan doing little jumps on his scooter on the way home, 
today's weather made him happy!

Aiden always grabbing my face in his little hands and always 
sneaking extra cuddle time.

Beckham cracking himself up, cracking me up, and shadowing his
big brother to no end.  

Liam, oh Liam, he has started this little "aaayaaa!"  This happy little grin
and expression.  It started the day his fever broke and it's still there.
I love it.  

Leaving Target today, they all said, "Did you have fun shopping Mama?" "I had fun."
I seriously felt I could see our future, being able to get out on my own more and more,
although I have done a lot, each little thing such as no strollers is a big deal,
it felt so great to be able to do that!  

Until soon,


  1. Phew! Baby steps literraly! A good target trip is major! Glad to hear the boys are feeling better. I've missed your posts!

  2. wow.

    you inspire me, michelle. a target run of epic proportions.

    i avoid errands with my two, as moose at age 4.5 still-refuses-to-walk-in-stores-thank-you-very-much.

    hope health is on the way to your home.

    btw: read the works of gary taubes before you kill yourself with that jillian stuff. he has single-handedly "reworked" how i treat food.

    at 32, i now look better than i did at 23. :) and my "workouts" are walks, housecleaning, and once a week yoga.

  3. We cannot seem to stay well around here either! Nothing as scary as rsv, but still so hard to see them so miserable, and the coughs look painful!
    Kudos for standing up to hospital, have had similar experiences. Most recent visit totalled over 2500 hundred and nurse was cruel. Still trying to get past anger to word my complaint.
    So glad to hear you are getting back little glimmers of personality! Its so strange to not hear all the fun in their voices when they are sick!
    Keep trudging along with work outs, it really does seem to help energy level.
    Woot woo on your target trip!


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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