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Monday, February 20, 2012

Anatomy of a Playroom {3}: 10 Genius Toy Storage Ideas

Operation find the floor is in full swing!!  This next stop in the 
Anatomy of a Playroom Series
is to find some really clever toy storage solutions.  

When they are little, storage needs to be soft.  
I switched out chalkboard bins {form} for canvas bins {function}.
Especially with more than one child playing and hard bins falling on toes {ouchie!}

I know we all get the amazing Pottery Barn catalogs, but honey I can afford
maybe one of their storage bins, so I did some research and found ten very
awesome, affordable toy storage solutions.  Of course I had to include a couple DIY {grin}.  
I sourced everything should you find something you like!  

{Toy Storage}
magnetic car storage{the style files} :  sand toy buckets {our wonderfilled life} : 
TROFAST {ikea}  :  LEGO storage bags {swoop}  :  
strapping storage collection {land of nod}  :  vegetable bins {land of nod} : 
DIY clear storage bags {make it and love it}  :  
DIY canvas lined diaper boxes {positively splendid} :  
suitcases {land of nod}  :  GLIS stackable storage {ikea}

We'll continue chugging along in this fun little series talking about
All Things Art next, and if you missed any of the topics so far, 
here you go....

Anatomy of a Playroom {1} : The Essentials {Organizing by Function}
Anatomy of a Playroom {2}: The Great Toy Debate

Holla at me...leave me a note...let me know what you would still love to know!

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. SO many good ideas, love trofast we have a few of those. What do you do for bath toys we still haven't found anything good for that all the stuff we buy that sticks to the bath wall just seems to fall off all the time


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