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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a Wonder*Filled Christmas! {Day ONE}

Well hello hello there.
I am excited today to begin,
It's a Wonder*filled Christmas!

Let's get a little business out of the way before we start.
For the next twelve days I will be featuring a Christmas-related
project, tip, recipe.  A few of my blogging friends
will stop by too and share some of their own 
Christmas inspiration!

So grab a cup of egg nog, don your favorite Christmas 
sweater, turn up some Bing Crosby and enjoy!  

for the tree

I have been coveting these gorgeous onion ornaments
since I first saw them that fateful day when the 
West Elm catalog arrived on my doorstep.
No they are not made from onions!  
They have an onion shape and have lots of layers,
at least that's my definition of how they got their name!

They sold out quickly and I knew I could make them
for less than their price tag.  
I just love the kraft paper/silver glitter combo.  

They were a little tricky to deconstruct, but
I broke them down and recreated them
in the simplest way possible.
I am a bit of a tutorial nerd and 
love getting all the steps together.
{I used to write training documentation as part of my job,
now it all makes sense...grin}
Once you get how it all goes together,
it is super easy to replicate.  

cardboard in good condition
glittered adhesive paper
kraft paper
glue gun
large needle

This stuff {below} is so fantastic and I had no idea it existed until this project!

First, trace onion shape onto a piece of cardboard. 

A hint to make sure it is symmetrical, draw a line down from center
and across at the widest part.  It's easy then to eyeball any differences.  

About 1/2" in draw the shape again.  Cut out from cardboard.
for the dimensions in this tutorial, use 5" at center width
and 6" at the height

Place shape onto glitter paper and cut out.

Repeat again on blank side of cardboard. 

The thread your needle and push it right through the top
of the cardboard to about halfway down.  Tie off the top into a
loop for tree-hanging and tie bottom in a knot.  

Here comes the part that is a bit tricky,
for me anyhow it was, but I have broken it down
so I promise it'll be easy!

You'll need two sets of squares to create the inner 
3D layers.  First set of squares 3.5 inches.
Cut out the center.
Fold backward at the middle.
Put one dab of hot glue on to secure.
Repeat with second square.

Glue first piece onto one side of the string at top.
Glue second piece onto the other side of the string at top.
string should be between the two pieces at top
Glue both pieces together at bottom
without string between

Next cut 2 inch squares out of the glitter paper.
The leftover scraps are fine, just stick them to a piece of 
kraft paper and cut out the squares.

For the first square...
Again you'll cut out the center.
Fold backwards and glue.

For the second glitter square...
You will not cut out the center.
Fold it into a triangle,
cut up one side and then the other,
without the two cuts meeting.
Take the smaller glittered scrap from the first square.
Stick it onto the back of the second square.
This will form the center of the ornament,
making sure both sides are glittered...glitterfied...full of bling?
{take your pick on my made up adjectives!}
Then again loop it back and glue. 
{the little center piece is missing in this photo, but we'll get to that part next!}

Again glue both pieces to the top of the string,
wedging the string between them at the top.
Glue the bottoms together without string.
Cut the excess string {shown in the picture below}.
Bend the center so it adds another layer to the ornament.

There you have it! 
This is one of those projects when you do it once,
it's committed to memory and easy to replicate.

It holds up pretty well next to the original!

It looks so pretty on the tree!

The glitter sparkles beautifully and the light shines through the kraft paper.
And cover our tree with some bling!!  

I will have a new surprise for you tomorrow!
{No, not two turtle doves!}
Go on and grab one of your advent chocolates in the meantime and
I will meet you back here for day two!  

If you are visiting and like what you see,
c'mon and follow along with us.
You will surely be entertained!!

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  1. wow! It looks so pretty... not sure I could have come up with my own tutorial for it, I may have to try one out with yours!


  2. Such cute holiday craft idea Michelle! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  3. You simply amaze me more and more with each post! <3

  4. I love this! And aren't they great that they aren't glass and can't be broken?! Our dog keeps stealing the glass balls off of the tree thinking she can play fetch with them! I thought we were past that stage with the kids getting bigger...guess not!

  5. Amazing.. these are lovely.. So cuute. : )) I would LOVE if you could please share this via my Pin'Inspirational party happenign today please : )) --- Thanks a million.. Wishing you an amazing start to your weekend.. ~Marilyn <--your newest smiling follower : ))

  6. What a fantastic reproduction :-)

    Happy new follower.

    Thanks for joining our Pin'Inpiration Party. Hope you pop by and grab a button.

  7. Yours are beautiful -- and the tutorial is great! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Michelle! These are so beautiful! I think they are totally worth the effort-and your knock off is like identical:)Thanks so much for linking up to my first ever party and helping make it a huge success!


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