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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey moms, can't we all just get along?

This is a bit of a departure from all things holiday related, but
I have a wish for 2012 on my brain today...
I wish, we as moms, could all just get along.

You know, do that thing God asks of us...
Be an encouragement to one another.

This is so strongly written on my heart.
We listen to so many ways about how to organize ourselves,
keep our home, manage things, but what about what we can do for one another?  
It's a simple thing really.

Respect. Be Kind. Encourage.

There is no specific season for this or time, it's just something to do every day.
Please know I do not mean this in a preachy way.  I have just seen friendships collapse, feelings hurt, and relationships stopped before beginning all because of assumptions, envy, judgement, and it's plain sad.

I have to remember it myself, to just be ok with how I parent.  
Not  hide behind the veil of insecurity and tout the decisions we make for our children.
Not look for others to agree and highlight why someone else
who does it differently is wrong, misinformed, not as Christian. 
{grr that one always gets me}.

I am talking here about the collective whole of moms,
who want the best for their children, and to make this world a better place
for them to live in... to carry out their God given plan.

As moms we have so many decisions to make.
We seek out advice from trusted sources, pray about it, etc.,
What about just being ok with making the decisions for you and your loved ones without having to reason why others who decide differently are wrong.

Maybe it's, "well I am just speaking my feelings."
True.  Honest opinions are valued.  
But did you have to alienate people who do it differently?
Aren't most of us trying to do the same thing?

I speak from my heart and wear it on my sleeve.

Lately it seems if a mom can do things successfully, well 
we want to point out what she may not be doing well.

She's crafty, the Lord didn't make us all to be crafty.
OK, but he made her that way, so why not lift others up for the 
gifts God gave them?

She homeschools.  She doesn't homeschool.
Maybe she does what she thinks is best for her kids.

There are many women I admire and wish I would have their talents.
I was not made that way, it's ok, and it's also ok to SHINE at what 
my creator did make me good at.  It's also ok to not want to have to hear why someone doesn't think it is authentic.
There is nothing to prove.

Let's give one another the benefit of the doubt,  how does that sound?

It seems these days you just can't win.  
If a mom decides to potty train, 
well there will be loads of opinions on why it's not the right time.
If it's too early you just want to be a show off,
if it's too late, what are you waiting for?

Let's assume we are as moms, making the right decisions for our family.

It's so crazy that when my oldest started to read at 3, 
I was so proud of him, but so quiet about it.
Again, well she must have done that 
Your Baby Can Read program.
{for the record I didn't}
He just memorized it, he didn't read it.
{well, that was proven wrong}

Why can't we just be ok with what others do?
And jumping out on a limb here...
{gasp} happy for them??

Insecurity.  Maybe.
It rears its ugly head because we think maybe we are doing the wrong thing.

Judgement.  Ugh.
See insecurity again.

I know my opinion just may not be the popular one {smile}.  Or maybe
I shouldn't care, but I do because think of how much 
good we could do if we held up other moms?
...not just our mom friends...

What if we reserved judging the mom whose child was screaming in the grocery store?  If we gave her a reassuring look instead of the evil eye that she must be doing something wrong.
Haven't we all been there in some form?

What if we voiced our beliefs but reserved judgement?

I don't mean to not make waves or hold tight to your beliefs.
Have beliefs, have loads of them, and live according to them.

Stand up for your beliefs.
Being passionate is such a gift.

Just know that others are just as passionate about theirs.  


One of my friends, cancer survivor, amazing woman, we met during my first Relay for Life.   She understood my passion for finding a cure...for my son to never have to face the ugly C again.  

Every email she sends ends like this, and so I leave it with you too my 
sweet friends.  

"Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody.  
It's a good life enjoy it."  
Jim Henson

And thank you to those who are so encouraging to me,
both in real life and in blogland.
It means more than you know!!
I hope I can do the same for you.



  1. you are such an inspiration! I agree 100%... and I love that quote, I may start using it now!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Nicely put! It's such a great reminder for all of us.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. What a poignant post and I believe as women, we should encourage each other...I also believe as a blogger that we never know when just ONE kind comment from us could make a difference in someone's day right when they need it!

  4. I completely agree, sometimes I just think insercurities get in the way and cause moms to judge other moms. I just think we have to realize that even though something might to work for your family it may work for someone else's and there is nothing wrong with that. BTW thanks for the kind words not sure why you couldn't email me was that what you tried. Hope you're enjoying the holidays! Love all your crafts we plan on making snow globes this week, hopefully:)


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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