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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Christmas Gift Idea: Bed of Clouds Tutorial

While I put the finishing touches on my project for
{Day FOUR} of It's a Wonder*Filled Christmas,
I'd love to share a project with you that would make 
a fantastic Christmas gift.  

{This post was originally shared in October at 
Alison's lovely blog Oopsey Daisy.}


The project I am sharing with you today has great gift potential!  It has been appropriately titled, by my 6-year-old, BED OF CLOUDS, sounds dreamy right?!  I was thrilled to have the chance to make something girly for my niece's upcoming seventh birthday!! 

This sweet little bed is made up of 5 pillows all enclosed in separate cases.  The cover is removable, and washable.  It is perfect for a slumber party, at home movie night, lounging.  The best part is that you can use your own spare pillows to cut down on some of the cost.  As this was a gift, I bought new pillows at Target for a very reasonable $4 a piece.


printed washable fabric (3 yards)
A great pattern makes all the difference
plain washable fabric (3 yards)
I used a lightweight soft flannel
sew-on velcro
grosgrain ribbon
coordinating thread
pillows (5)


Note if you use spare pillows, that's fine, just make sure they are all the same standard size.
The measurements below are based off  20w x 28l" pillows.

Essentially we will be making one big pillow case and then dividing into 5 different sections.
Let's see if we can do this in as few steps possible!

Cut fabric to 28" width by  97" length.

Fold each piece of fabric over 1" along the length and pin.
This will be the side the pillows are placed in/removed from.

Sew along the length of both pieces of fabric.
Give yourself a large workarea, the floor always works best for me
when working with this much fabric.

Lay right sides of fabric together and pin together.
Folded over sewn edges should match up

Measure along fabric starting at top and pin at 19" {4 times down the length} 
This is to mark off the five pillowcase openings.

Next we will work on pinning and sewing on the ribbon and velcro as all
ends will be sewn together except for the finished end which will be use to place and remove pillows.

Cut four pieces of ribbon a foot long.
The head {top} pillow will be tied with ribbon

Put velcro together and cut  into eight 2" pieces.
Two will be used per remaining 4 pillow openings.


Placing fasteners

Pin ribbon onto top pillow case opposite fabric side, about 4" down from top of pillowcase
and then again 4" up from bottom of pillowcase.  Match up as shown, so ribbons can be tied.

Pin velcro in the same manner.  About 4" down from top of pillow case
and then again 4" up from bottom of pillowcase.  
It doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure the velcro pieces line up
and they are somewhat evenly spaced to hold the pillow once place inside.


Unpin the large pieces of fabric from one another.  
Sew fasteners on making sure they stay aligned while sewing.  
Sew onto patterned piece of fabric, then onto solid.  


Repin all sides of fabric together except for finished {folded edge} length.
Sew all sides twice to reinforce seam
Trim any excess.  Pull inside out and trim any hanging threads, push out corners. 

Essentially you are making a super-large pillow case leaving the finished side (from Step 3)open.


Repin or if still pinned, check measurements of 19" markers down length of fabric.
These markers will be used to create the 5 pillowcase pockets.


Creating separate pillow pockets.
Sew a straight line along the width at each pin.  Keep fabric taut so there are no bulges.
Sew twice at each line to reinforce seam.  
Check 19" distance between seams before sewing each pocket.



Place pillows inside each pocket, fasten, and Voila! you have your very own bed of clouds!
In only 12 steps, pretty impressive my friends!!

Camouflage p-jams and all, he loved it!  Enough to forget all the pink and hearts in the test run.
Mom, can you make one for me?  That's a great review in my book!!

If you pin any of these images, please add them to
{thank you kindly!!}

Roll it up, tie with a ribbon, put a favorite book, movie,
or pair of cozy slippers with it and cross of the
nieces and nephews off your list!
See you back here soon!


  1. Ooh, I love this, too ... I'm thinking it would be great for my sensory kiddo. :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I have that idea pinned to to make the boys, i haven't done it yet but I think they would love it!


  3. I love this, it is so cute! I'm trying to make it for my daughter for Christmas, and I just had a quick question about your measurements! I'm using a 20x26 in pillow, so very similar to the size you used, and I'm only using 4 pillows. How much would you suggest I take off in the length? Also, how did you get a 20in pillow to fit into a pocket with only 19 inches of space? And same for the width - the measurement calls for 28 inches wide for the initial fabric cut, but if the pillow is 28 inches wide itself, where does the room for the 1 inch finished edge come from? I am new to sewing, so I am really sorry if these are silly questions!!

  4. {Allie} Thank you for the note. You are a "no reply" comment, so there is no email address for you, so I hope you see this ;) Since you're laying on the pillows you want them fluffy and plump. Keeping the measurements the same as pillow size will make for a nice full pillow bed. If you are using 4 pillows only, I would take the length to about 85 and as you pin down you can calculate how much excess you have. Good luck and thanks for being in touch!! No question is ever silly! ;) Michelle


I so appreciate your sweet thoughts and thank you for sharing. I always try to reply whether it be to your email or on one of your blog posts! Wishing you a wonder*filled day! Michelle

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