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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Playroom Design Help + Print Giveaway!!!


Yesterday was a milestone here at Our Wonder*filled Life
and it had nothing to do with potty training!!
We have welcomed 150 followers to our blog, 
and while I would write no matter what,
it is absolutely wonderful to have you following along,
reading your sweet comments and the stories you have shared with me.

So, welcome new friends and old...
not old friends but friends who have been with us {phew!}
our dear followers.

Of course what better time than Christmastime
 for a giveaway right?!!


Does your playroom look a little like this after the holidays?
Toys strewn about everywhere?

And does it still look like this by St. Patrick's Day? {grin}

{google images}

If you're new around here, hello!, you'll see I have five boy wonders
and well our home does look a bit like that photo after Christmastime!!!

But with some organization and planning, I try to get it back to looking like this...hopefully before Summertime!!

Even if you don't have a space {ours was intended to be a dining room}
there are still ways to organize toys so your children can play more
effectively, learn how to put their things away, and so you aren't 
biting your tongue every time you step on a lego...aren't those the worst?!!

I will help tackle your design dilemma with a mini consultation 
via email and inspiration board to help with any of the following:

creating a play space area,
setting up specific functional areas within a playspace,
budget finds for storage,
playroom decor ideas,
solutions for mixed ages or boy/girl playrooms
or something else that's been a struggle
{within reason of course!}

{ Take a peek at the article I wrote for Janell's House of Fifty blog on 
creating special rooms for children. }  

I am also giving away this ADORABLE print
and reminder so dear to my heart...

{Plum Street Prints}

{Plum Street Prints}

These prints are not being given away by the shop, they are MY
gift to you, my sweet followers!!!

Entering is simple...

New to Our Wonder*filled Life?  
Follow here via Google Friend Connect
and leave a comment to say hello or answer the question in #2. 

 If you already follow here via Google Friend Connect, 
tell me what is your toughest challenge or biggest
design dilemma when it comes to organizing your kids
and their stuff?

I will answer some of your questions as best I can
after the holidays {in the New Year}.

And because you'll need some caffeine to tackle
all the after Christmas's a blessed mess isn't it?
I am giving away a $10 Starbucks giftcard in a separate random drawing to one of our followers.  

It won't necessarily look like this one, just thought it was a cool card
and for a purpose!!


This giveaway will end on midnight December 23rd,
with the winner announced on December 27th.  So enter away!!

Just in time for that New Years resolution to get organized!!!
Well it's one of mine anyway!

Good Luck!!!
Love having you follow along with us on this
full-speed-ahead adventure!!!


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  1. I love your playroom!!! I have been following for awhile! I stuggle with space, I have a small playroom and not sure how to best use the space I have.

  2. I shouldn't have a hard time organizing my kids toys - I have a 700 sq. ft. playroom. Buuuut, I'm constantly organizing and reorganizing the space as they grow older and as we start getting boy stuff in after years of only girl toys. It's such a wide open space with so much potential...and it's taking soooooo long for me to focus on getting it just how I want it. :/ I feel like the little stuff is just lost in bins and then the pieces that go with other pieces don't get played with because it's all just tossed in so carelessly - With my oldest just turning 5, there isn't much skill in the cleaning dept. with them and I just don't have to time to put it all back together every day. How can we keep it all where it belongs???

  3. i have been a follower for awhile now :) i don't have kids yet but my older sister is super organized with her 3 munchkins by using a lot of those storage bins/storage drawers that are oh-so popular and work well.

  4. My kids aren't huge toy fans. They never really have been. The one toy they play with constantly is legos. Those little pieces from the sets are so hard to contain. Then my youngest wants to make the airplane from the box again, but can't find the little piece he had with it to begin with. So we set out to search 5 lego boxes full of a zillion legos. So to answer your question, legos are my biggest dilema.

  5. My biggest challenge with five boys is KEEPING it organized! Those boys undo everything faster that I do it! :)

    ...and I sure love them!


  6. How awesome, you are going to give advice now! You're home always looks so beautiful I like to sometimes pretend it's mine:)

  7. Michelle! You are so sweet :) I LOVE THAT PRINT!! My biggest challenge is the fact that our play room is supposed to be a bedroom so the size and dimensions aren't totally supportive of it's new purpose. I also like to make it feel like it's my son's during the day but MY OWN at night since I am ready to be a person again after my son goes to bed. Does that even make sense? Merry Christmas either way!

  8. I am new to the blog and I am now a follower! Hi!


  9. I'm your newest follower!

  10. I follow you!

    My problem is getting my kids (2 boys, 2 girls) to pick up their toys when they get done, I have scaled down each room to one small toy chest and it still gets so messy daily, your playroom is beautiful!

  11. I am a follower to I am in the middle of trying to get my playroom done-need some help PLEASE!!!

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