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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to New Years...Easy Last-Minute Ideas

Hello friends!
I realize New Years is t-minus 10 hours.
Nothing like last minute suggestions!!
These are easy though so maybe a couple will pop out at you!  

I love the fresh start of a New Year, full of hope, 
such a great feeling!  On the heels of Christmas though,
we usually stay pretty low key around these parts.

I am working on a Christmas wrap up blog post
and since I didn't know how long that could take {smile}
I decided to sneak this one in.

Since we're ringing in twenty-twelve,
here are TWELVE great last minute ideas to celebrate the New Year!

1. A New Years Parade
Parade around your neighborhood with hats, beads, recycled noisemakers {i.e. beans and water bottle containers}.  My friend organized this, what a great idea right?!  We are bundling up and heading out around 4pm.  So if you hear a wild rumpus, it's us!  I will let you know how it goes!

2. Pinata
It's a little late to make one, but if you're staying in, it's a little something fun to splurge on.  We got this disco ball pull-string pinata last year from our Party Store, it was a huge hit with the boys.  We counted down and then they pulled the pinata strings!  

3. Bubbles
Our local Children's museum has a bubble bash it's so fun.  They countdown the hour at noon.  Gather all of your bubble making supplies, head to the bathtub and fill the room...add some bubble bath, instant fun.

4. Interview your Kids
I love this idea for any time of year, birthdays, especially.  It would make for a great New Years tradition too.  You could make up your own or use one of these ready-made printables.

5. Countdown Bags
These have been talked about a lot, really a great idea.
Every hour on the hour, starting at 6pm say the kids open one bag
with an activity in a movie, make sundaes, play twister.
This would be great for a night in with friends.  You could draw some clocks
on the outside of paper bags with slips of paper.  
These beautiful ones are from 

6. Midnight {or faux Midnight} Snack
Some Pinterest inspiration...adorable and can be done quickly
especially if you use store-bought cupcakes {grin}.

7. Keeping Memories
This one is always on my list of resolutions, a better way to keep our memories.  I used to use a journal, write things on calendars, but this one
I could actually do.  Take a jar, use any scraps of paper and write down those 
things your kids say that you never want to forget.  I know I have lost some of the really precious ones thinking I would remember.  It doesn't have to be perfect or super pretty, just do it and think of all the things you could do with that info!  I am committing to this one this year!!

8. Oreo Cake
OK so we don't have time maybe to construct this one.  I included it for plain awesomeness and before PINTEREST had ripped this page out of a magazine for my oreo-loving husband.  The black and white are great for New Years.  This idea I am saving for his 40th birthday...I have a few years to make it {smile}. 
Don't tell him?!!

9. 2012 Bucket List
Go on and make that list! This one is super pretty.  Again
mine is just some scribbles in a journal.  Things I want to do with my
husband and kids.  I know writing them down makes them seem
a little more possible and real and gets the planning started!

10. New Years Printable
This amazing printable from The 36th Avenue could be your only decoration!!
Hop on over to print one out.  I always think if you download a printable for free, follow the blog, just a common courtesy!!

11. Time Capsule
Fill it full, let everyone contribute, and open it in 5 years, 10 years, you decide!!

12. Make your own New Years Ball
You may even have all you need for this adorable craft, loving it!
Click the link below for instructions. 

However you enjoy today it will be special!!
Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy New Year...
full of wonder!!!



  1. these were such awesome ideas! we saw them at 5 o'clock and put them to work right away. we had so much fun! my daughter called it THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE. you can read about our evening at this link on our blog.

  2. Great iddeas, wish I would have read them before New Year's I'll try to remember for next year


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