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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toddler Tuesday no. 1 - Fine Motor Fun

As many do, I love all the ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. 
I am always looking for easy, inexpensive, fun learning mini-projects to do with my boys.

A friend from college with little ones pinned a series of great toddler crafts {found here}.  
I took a quick look during naptime and found a perfect one that easily kept 
them busy and interested for over twenty minutes,
my made up criteria for a good project!!

This one was all fine motor, and when I searched a bit more, 
I found it was part of this blog.
{love when I can give props the right place!}

Anywho, all you need for this fine motor fun are things I am 
SURE you have in your home...

uncooked spaghetti 
{I really could have messed with you if I said cooked spaghetti!!}
 small bowl of cheerios

{look at all that concentration...err...nice Aiden!!} 

Eating the cheerios afterward is the best!!  Especially if they have a little playdoh on them {bonus fiber}!

Or seeing how many you can use for train cargo...

And of course, completely unrelated to fine motor skills...
 the infamous Griffin where are your lips?  Zoolander pose.
This is also one of E's signature expressions, Griffin has been watching him intently, copying his faces, and then will surprise us...class clown ya think?

It really was super fun, so easy, and I loved seeing their faces concentrate and the little celebration filling up their spaghetti stick. 

Best part, it didn't cost a thing and was super simple!!

Get those fine motors a runnin'!!



  1. Looks like fun, however my Liam may eat all of it instead of do what he's supposed to! Anything and everything goes in that mouth of his!


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