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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I need your HELP!! Vote for your favorite foursome costume idea + Halloween TREAT for one of my followers!!

Last year my little foursome was ...

The Charlie Brown Gang 
played by...
Schroeder {Aiden}, Charlie Brown {Beckham}, Linus {Liam}, and Snoopy {Griffin}

and Ethan was an Astronaut!!
{he loves choosing his costume!}

Since Halloween is fast approaching I am starting to panic a little bit.
There has been a lot going on so costume ideas have been
 floating around in my head for awhile now,  but I have nothing concrete!!  

I thought it would be fun to...
since it's that time of year, I will treat {not trick!}
one of my sweet followers to a fun Halloween inspired prize!  
Read on to find out more!...

Here are the options {in no particular order}...
Please VOTE on the POLL at the upper right corner of my blog.
Comments here are adored as always, but will not be included in the votes.

Anakin {Ethan}, R2D2 {Aiden}, C3PO {Beckham}, Yoda {Liam}, Ewok {Griffin}

Strongman {Griffin}, Ringmaster {Ethan}, Cannonball {Beck}, Clown {Aiden}, Lion Tamer {Liam}

Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane {Beckham}, Bo Duke {Liam}, Luke Duke {Aiden}, Uncle Jessie {Griffin}

Professor {Aiden}, Gilligan aka lil' buddy {Liam}, Skipper {Griffin}, Thurston Howell III {Beckham}

Gru {Ethan} and The Minion Brothers

Cowboy {Liam}, Indian {Aiden}, Cop {Griffin}, Robber {Beck}

Cowboy {Liam}, Policeman {Beck}, Construction Worker {Griffin}, G.I. {Aiden}

Superheroes in Mommy's Little Marvels Capes {in 4 different color combinations}

Ethan has already picked out a Star Wars costume.  He enjoys deciding and in a couple years or less so will my little four.  If E wants to join in though I will most certainly make him a costume too!  
We just don't make him do it!!  Unless the Minions are chosen, he would have to be GRU!

Voting ends by Saturday October 15th at midnight, 
which will give me 2 weeks to pull it all together...EEK!

Now for THE PRIZE!
One of our voting followers will receive this very fun and stylin' Halloween treat!...

{1} 25 total orange striped and black striped straws
{2} Box of can't eat just one Trader Joe's Joe-Joes
{3} 20 chevron striped treat bags

Vote and follow along Our Wonderfilled Life
{here with Google Friend Connect} to win!  Either way if you're a new follower or have been on this joy ride for awhile, just leave me a little note {comment} on this post let me know you voted to be entered to win!!

Now go on and help a mama out!!  You're the best!!

Thank you!



  1. I voted for Gru and the Minions :) So cute!

  2. I voted star wars, but I also like Gru an minions or superheros (that's what my boys are being)

  3. Just found your blog and love it! To think I was out number in my house with 2 sons! LOL!! I bet your boys are so much fun!! PS I voted

  4. I voted! I was going to vote Star Wars, because we LOVE Star Wars around here, but I thought they would like that a little more when they are older! So I voted GRU and the Minions, because that is just too cute and hilarious!

  5. I voted for the Circus! I think the boys would look awesome!

  6. Gru and the minions sounds very cute!

  7. Wait I also think the circus idea is awesome...lion tamer...bearded lady...muscle man, it!

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