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Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Things BOY: All Kinds of Fun Round-Up

BOYS will be BOYS, 
so I thought it was about time to do a roundup
of fun things for boys to enjoy to
magnify their fascinations and imaginations, get out the wiggles, 
challenge, amaze, and grow the minds of our little men.  

First up things we are loving now...

Fort Building...
We have a tee-pee, use sofa cushions and sheets too, but this is just awesome!  Unfortunately, 
I don't think Cranium makes the Super Fort anymore, but you can get them on Ebay and I have listed a few other products that seem to be like it.  This one I bought for a little over $20 on clearance when Ethan was 2.  Little did I know then how many kids would enjoy it and how long it would last!  Everything easily snaps together and can be made into configurations they suggest or ones you create....

{even big boys love it}

{many cheesy smiles are had made playing here...he he}
{Cranium Super Fort}

More Options:

Trucks, Trains, Cars, Planes, Diggers, You-Name-It
While this series was created in the 90s, it still has incredible power!  My little guys are mesmerized 
by it, and it really is educational.  Each is about 30 minutes and every mode of awesome transportation is covered.  Also it's available on Netflix!

Mini-Science Experiments: Tornado Tube, Pocket Volcano, 
Star Walk App
I found these for a couple dollars each at our local learning store, you can check out
American Science and Surplus,  You can also make your own volcano, etc.  These are just a few quick ways to channel Bill Nye the Science Guy.  

{these are for Ethan not for the little crew}

If you can get the Star Walk App {4.99} it is so worth it!  You literally point your tablet at the sky and it shows you the constellations..ah-mazing!!.  For our little astronomer the excitement could probably be heard in the next galaxy, and yeah it impressed us a ton too!!!

Now, onto Wonderland {aka the world of Pinterest}
some ideas I am lovin'...
balance board tutorial, so simple...
{elsie marley via pinterest}

easy fabric roads...
{lil mop top via pinterest}

skateboard so cool!
{ via pinterest}

Mork called and he's missing his chair...
I can just picture these all lined up, so entertaining!
{ikea via pinterest}

fun in the dark, headlamp...OK you can read one more story...
{ via pinterest}

Girls love these toys, we do hang out with them too!!  
I just happen to be more of an expert on the boy-thing!


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