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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vintage Wheels: Thrifty Sneak Peeks!

That sunshine I mentioned?...
well it turned to rain.
{how dare it!}

Party prep projects were moved indoors.  
{ahh well}

I thought it would be fun to 
share a few sneak peeks with you
of projects I have been working on this past week!
I will add tutorials later on.  

{my favorite}
This artwork I created using 
acrylic paints, burlap, 
tires from a wounded plasma car,
new spray painted washers,
and a #2 I found at Meijer while grocery shoppin'.  
Total about $5.00

Still have a few things to finish up on it,
can't wait to finish.
{so what am I doing on here-grin?!}

{our pretty new-to-us tray tier}
Total $5.00, not including spray paint or adhesive
inspired by this one.
I love that the middle tray is different,
it has some beautiful etching, I'll try to get a better picture.
A few days after I found it, I found a matching
serving tray at another Goodwill...fate!
{picture frame redo into framed chalkboard}
Total $3.00 frame, already had chalkboard paint.

All found at Goodwill.

{four wooden candlestick holders}
These were all found together,
turning into cakestands for the boys' little cakes!!

Just sitting waiting for me to work on them...
{hi, remember us?!}

They were $1.00 each from Goodwill.

{new sign, leaving the rest a surprise!}
Created from those same acrylic paints, wood, and some homemade stencils. 

{if you are coming to the party, don't share the next 2 with the kiddos, smile}

Our Toys 'R Us is going out of business.
{40% off all toys, oh darn!}

E and I took a trip there, 
restrained ourselves majorly,
but did pick up some items for the 
birthday boys a game and ramp for E.

These hot wheel cars for favors, 
about 65 cents each. 
I even found some with the number 2!

And favor bags,
paper bags we had,
some bakers twine I ordered
from Garnish, along with a few other items.

The lovely stickers
I ordered from my new friend Andrea's ETSY shop, 

They highlight each of my boys and 
the 4 vehicles incorporated into their party...

Red Double Decker Bus, Train, Racecar and Trike

{so fun, right?!}

I hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday!

Over and out,
I have some little guys calling me...!



  1. What great bargains you found...can't wait to see how this all turned out!

  2. I love all of these details! The race car artwork is to die for! Can't wait to see the rest of the details.


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