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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Like many I cannot believe
ten years have passed
since the day
that shook us, our nation, our world
to its core.

While I have the luxury to 
say the time has passed quickly,
I know there are so many
aching hearts, unfulfilled dreams,
and a feeling of eternity
since that day.

What resonates most for me 
about this day ten  years ago
is the harsh reality of it.
this really is happening.

Yet at the same time being inspired
by people across the world.

In small ways...

On the packed trains heading out of Chicago, 
strangers actually looking one another in the eye,
offering up seats, being kind.

American flags waving and horns honking,
pride, unity.

In large ways...
the firemen, the first responders, the passengers,
all of the heroes of that day.
the ultimate sacrifice.  

Now as a mom,
I always wonder about the children
whose life courses 
were changed on that day.

Nearly 3,000 children under the age of 18
lost a parent on Sept. 11th.
The average age was 9.
A total of 108 were born in the months
after their fathers died.

This film made by a now
looks like it will hit 
home about the tragic day and
the days after,
from a child's perspective.

There is such sadness in the
 innocence they lost. 

So today and everyday,
I know the best thing we can
do to honor those whose lives were lost.
Honor the children who had to grow up
way before their time.

Is to give life
everything we can.

right here, right now.



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