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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amy Atlas Moment Feature

**Hello to the visitors from Amy Atlas' blog, 
nice to have you here!**

I could not believe my inbox,
when I heard back from my submission 
of the boys' party to Amy Atlas Events.

The reply came just a few hours later.
Not only was the reply super sweet,
it was thoughtful, as in all the details were
noticed, the meaning behind our boys 
turning 2, all of it.  

They were featuring 
my Vintage Wheels party
as an Amy Atlas Moment!!!!
{pinch me, it's true!}

Head on over to the Amy Atlas blog
to check it out!!!

It is simply gorgeous,
how they put the pictures together,
the write up!!
Lisa was just fantastic to work with!!

Of course Amy Atlas is
an inspiration to me,
everything she does is gorgeous and fresh,
so it is such an honor to be
a moment on her blog!!

While I happily spend my days taking care of my family
and am so blessed to do so,
it is super special
to have this moment too!

Thank you truly!

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