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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to get when FOUR BOYS turn TWO!

Some may say most two-year-olds would love
any of the usual gifts, cars, trikes, trains, games, puzzles.

In fact my boys have made me somewhat
of an expert on what little boys like...
well enough to write this
and declare myself 
know-it-all and wear a silly hat for the day.

On September 8th,
we will have 4, two-year-olds!
{eek! eek! eek! eek!}

They eat us out of house and home,
nothing left but for a bone,
and toys they pile to the ceiling,
coffee grounds, potato peelings...
ok those last two sentences aren't mine
thanks Mr. Silverstein.  

Reality is, these ideas just may 
be what we decide to get the boys...

{that should satisfy the gallon of milk a day habit}

{poof, vegas style buffet every meal, every day!}
{ok this one we seriously need, deep freeze!}

{what did you say?! you love your brother?!}

{too early to hit the road? c'mon get happy!}

{two words...potty training...who's in?}

You can now follow us on Facebook,
for more witty {subjective} commentary and
better than that, pictures of 5 sweet and silly boy wonders.

In the meantime, I am working on
all things related to 2
and will be sharing lots of birthday-related
projects soon!




  1. I'll take any of those! lol, I just noticed my Liam is wearing a shirt with a cow on it, and finishing off a box of crackers... on his own! yep all of those gifts sound great to me!


  2. LOL! You crack me up, Michelle...:)


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