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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all Wild Kratts Fans! Creature Power Suit Tutorial!

Chances are if you have a child
{no more criteria needed}
you've heard of the Kratt Brothers,
they were behind Zooboomafoo and now
Ethan's favorite show on PBS Kids...

E is the Kratt Brothers biggest fan.
This is self-proclaimed, in a letter he wrote
awhile back.  I didn't correct his spelling.
Love it and his way..if he believes it, well then it's true.
My favorite part, 
I love nature and animals like you! 
When I grow up I would help animals. 
Sounds great to me!

Since he's their biggest fan and all,
it was our job to make sure when
they came to Chicago he got to see them.  
They didn't do a meet n' greet, 
so I'd say we did pretty darn good
stalking...err...waiting on those elusive Kratt Bros.


Before going E wanted me to make him a creature power suit.
Ladies and Gents, my oldest child has major expectations of me.
{a reenactment}
Guess what I got you a surprise!
What we're going to DisneyWorld?!  NASA named a new planet after me?! 
Well then the black and white cookies I brought home
from your favorite place may not measure up next to those
imaginative {and crazy!} ideas! 

He is a super grateful kid don't get me wrong,
just super talented himself.
I  look at it that he believes I will deliver.  
Me, the mom who only learned to sew
because I wanted to make my hero a cape,
so you can definitely do this!  

So here goes, it may not seem big,
but I know anyone whose kid enjoys this show,
will love this....CREATURE POWER!

fabric, I purchased 1 yard green, 1 yard black 
shiny jersey stretchy fabric in the dance section 
of our fabric store, it has an awesome "official looking" sheen to it. 
E wanted a two-toned suit instead of all black. 
I will be making a coordinating blue one for when a friend comes to play.  

coordinating thread

felt, black, any other colors for badges you'd like to make

scissors, pinking shears

velcro strips {sew on style}

an old t-shirt the exact size you want to make

fabric marker or pen

First take the t-shirt and trace it onto the fabric,
if the t-shirt has arms fold them forward, you'll want this to 
be sleeveless. 

cut out the traced area from the black fabric, 
then trace onto green and cut out again

Pin both the front and back fabrics up 1/2" at the 
bottom onto wrong side of fabric to create a hem and prevent fraying

Stitch the hem at the bottom of both fabrics.

Next cut 3 strips of velcro, 
I'd say these are about 1.5-2"
Separate the rough side from the fuzzy side.
Sew the rough side onto the front 
of your green fabric (or front side fabric).

Cut one large black circle 
{I used the lid to an oats can for a template}
and three small black circles
{these were by hand}.
Put the large black circle over the velcro
so you have its placement.
Then sew on the three smaller black circles 
to finish the pawprint.
The large black circle will be the part
to remove and place on all the new, fun badges you 
{painstakingly make}.  

Then pin together the right sides of both fabrics,
go slow because this material slips and gathers. 

Sew along the edge, remembering
not to sew the arm or neck holes
{obvious I know but maybe not if you do your projects at the hours I do}
Turn inside out and your lil' Kratt is ready for fun!


First to see the badges up close,
you'll have to let your kid wonder play
{doubt you'll hear any objection to that one!}

While they are earning their favorite badges,
you can cut out the felt circles 
{using the badge colors}.

Here I cut the yellow the same size as the black 
from the paw .

the cut the green slightly smaller {eyeballed it}.

Found a spool of ribbon and used it
to cut out the white circuit like part {just winged it}.

Then another circle over that cut the same size as the white.
{got that? 4 layers}.
Glue all together using Tacky Glue

By then biggestwildkrattsfanever had earned his badge!
I then {not officially recommended}
blew it up, printed it and outlined
the cheetah his fave. 
Glued it onto the felt and 
voila ready to go!

You can of course make as many badges
as your sweet little fingers can produce!

As I always ask and do myself, please source this post, my blog, etc.
if you use this tutorial and write your own piece. 
{much appreciated}.

Seriously, who doesn't love making their kid's day?!

Sharing this week at these fantastic linky parties!!


  1. Woohooo.. that looks great!

    Thanks for linking up at Tea-Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. Your post added to the celebration. Party for this week is going on now. Hope to see you there.

  2. I found you from tt &j. Love this! My son is a huge fan also, so will have to make this for him. Thanks!

  3. awe, you're an awesome mom! and for some reason this post made me cry. maybe it's because my son is 9 now and i remember how much he enjoyed that show when he was your son's age. thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thank you for the inspiration, we made power suits for our boys for Halloween they are 6 and 3. I could not find and power disks so I made a set of 8 in Photoshop. If anyone wants them drop me an e-mail and I will send them.

    1. YES PLEASE! would love to get some creature power disks!!! we LOVE this show....was trying to figure out how to go about the disks and i just read this and hopefully you will see it! THANK YOU!

    2. Yes please! would LOVE to get ahold of below won't work for me...thank you in advance, Jen

  5. Or you can download them from:

  6. James, these are awesome!! I will share them in a post if you don't mind. I couldn't find an email address for you...Happy trick or treating! Can't wait until I can get my hands on photoshop!!

  7. Ok my son is a HUGE fan and requested a creature suit from Santa. And we all know Santa can not let him down. I have 25 days to get this together. Thank you for helping you fellow mother's out. He is a falcon fan which is not on the PBS site.


  9. Dear Aviva,

    My brother and I REALLY love your show!! We even acted out your shows at home! Can you send me the creature-power suits and disks? Thanks.


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