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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Dreams for All

If only I had quadruplets to fill these rooms {grin}

Our boys share a room now and will probably be split later on, which shall not be mentioned from here on out because then I have to accept their growing older {sigh}.  In the meantime, let's dream of these really wonderful spaces.  They would be great for kids of any age, sleepovers, cousins, vacations.  

Think of how it would feel to sleep here...

just make sure to put the little ones on top {wink}

very rugby or nautical, very boy

 definitely for our island home {dreaming again}

this just may be my favorite, adore each little individualized space but all together

love how modern and sleek this one is

reminds me a little bit of a dormitory, so functional, the stairs in the middle are fantastic

here you would need to read Swiss Family Robinson!

Telegraph {UK}

If we do split the little boys into 2 rooms, how gorgeous would this space be?

finally, bunk beds for 3, this one I had to add because it reminds me of the movie Despicable Me, 
you know the scene I am talking about {smile}

credits via  {unless otherwise listed}

Whatever we decide to do someday will come sooner than later, cribs will be outgrown, and I would love to create a space like any one of these for my boys to share and enjoy.  Good night friends, sweet dreams!



  1. I am ready to help you create their space whenever you are! Seriously! Make sure you enlist me--not that you need ideas, I could just help execute them!

  2. I've seen only a few of those- I LOVE them too- My big kids would want to be in on that- looks too fun- Great pics/post! :)

  3. I love these bedroom ideas and the fact that your family could actually pull them off! :) The built ins are my favorite! Or how fun would a room DZ style be? Four bunks in one, with a study room in the other? Super fun!


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