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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Lovin' {Boy Style}


I feel like summer really started for us this week.  Ethan is out of camp, and we are finally home not needing to jet off first thing in the morning and be somewhere.  While I hesitated making a list because I do not want too structured a summer for us, I have been inspired by all of the great summer ideas from bucket lists to boredom jars.  With my 5, 4 being the ripe ol' age of 1, we need to plan before heading out of the house...not much spontaneity here at the moment, but that day will come soon enough!  

During naptime today E and I sat down and created our thoughts on fun for this summer.  He had some great inspiration from camp, just listen to these awesome classes he had...Bubble-ology, Art of Math, Pharoahs, Mummies, and Pyramids, way cool {thanks for raising the bar camp teachers!} We cheated a little and added some things we've already done.  Really what we want most...

to enjoy life OUT*LOUD...OUTDOORS!

{hello summer!}

Just enough structure to keep things movin' along,
love this from somewhat simple

crafty kids

for the big boy
*reading nook playtent {inspiration here}
an outdoor version, genius!

*make real lemonade and experiment with different flavors
*make Wild Kratts creature power suits
*put on a play
*outdoor bedtime reading {counts toward library reading} up next
Boxcar Children and more Magic Treehouse Series
*catch fireflies
*celebrate turning 6 at the beach
*hold a yummiest s'mores concotion contest
*constellation finding {using 6th birthday present}
*take in a drive-in movie
*go rollerskating
*make pyramid plans
*write in hieroglyphics
*make a mummy
*create Tangram pieces and puzzles
*experiment with different bubble formulas
*nighttime scavenger hunt

all-time favorite for summer roadtrips, B-I-N-G-O

for the little boys
*go wild at the zoozoozoo!
*play outside in pjs before bed
*take a bath outside {see the trend?}
*explore by walking and holding hands vs. stroller time
*start ABC photo wall {reincarnated from big boy era}
*visit the butterfly house for the first time
*sand and water galore!
*make snacks more fun
*dig, climb, run and jump
*talk about everything we see and do
*enjoy lots of things from the big boy list because we love imitating our superstar big bro!

I could go on and on this is going to be such an exciting summer for them!

for all

*ocean in a bottle
*water balloons

become a superhero


Family Fun

how amazing would this be to recreate {kid style}

great rainy day activity, indoor fort building, check out these kits!

more rainy day fun, shadow puppets

via DesignMom

eat outdoors, after all everything tastes better outside!

I would love to hear...what are your summertime faves and traditions?  What do you do to mark that summer has really arrived? 



  1. Ahh.... LOVE your ideas - and even your simple schedule for the summer! What a great time you all will have... I try to keep a bit of a routine around here for the days we are home. It's felt crazy lately - lots of running here and there! Also a lot of travel! You are an amazing momma! Enjoy every moment with your boys... I know you do!

  2. That little schedule is such a cute idea!

  3. Love this list - we are in the middle of winter here in New Zealand at the moment!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! I am trying to relish all there is of summer before the {gasp} Chicago winters {blech!}

  5. Those are great ideas - that car wash looks so fun :) And I love eating outside in the summer, so happy!


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