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Friday, May 27, 2011

First Birthday, Little Sailors

A First Birthday for FOUR Lil' Sailors!!!!

My first party to share with you is a very special one, a first birthday four times over!!!!

For the babies' first birthday I did a little sailors theme.  It was challenging to do a first birthday party quadrupled, make it individualized, and not break the bank. :)

The inspiration came from this cake.  I always need that one thing to set the gears in motion and this did it!  I too made a sailboat out of paper {not easy, but now a hidden talent of mine}.  I also added some felt for their names and I thought the different textures really played off one another nicely.

I painted the rub-a-dub-dub tub found at our local hardware store, in all of its galvanized glory.  I sanded it down, used a few coats of white spray paint, let it dry, then taped off the stripes and then handpainted them in navy.  We used it for the boys' picture and the sailboat fleet game. 

As I do not have the expertise {yet} to create all the printables I worked with a wonderful woman whose Etsy shop is now closed {smilesacrossmiles}, she was fantastic and I literally printed and assembled everything myself saving loads of money.  Sweet touches included lots of navy Grosgrain ribbon and some striped navy bias tape that I also found on ETSY along with another very awesome woman who made their sailor suits.  

Other projects done by me {Little Marvels Designs} include..
* #1 flag bunting
* personalized applique t-shirts, these turned out adorable!
* goldfish, lifesaver, and swedish fish favors
* sailboat fleet game (prizes and sailboats purchased at Target on clearance!)
* photo montage centerpieces
* oar signing, a first birthday wishes keepsake
* finally a delicious menu to top it all off

We also had a bounce house to "earn your sea legs," and of course any nautical theme would not be complete without lobster cutout cookies!  

My plan is to go over each of these projects in a bit more detail including some variations.  

I'd love to know...which project shall I start with?  

If you'd like to have help creating a memorable event for your little one, please contact me at
michelle{at}little-marvels{dot}.com.  I can create a personalized inspiration collage to give you plenty of ideas for the event.  My specialty is pulling it all together and giving you something great to work with, within your budget.


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  1. I want to learn more about your flag bunting! I have seen banners everywhere lately, and I want to make some!!!!!! Do tell!


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